Vision & Mission

Saint Soldier International School is an ever growing institution serving the society for over four decades and helping the cause of education which is of prime importance in nation building. It has developed from a nursery school in 1974 to a full-fledged Senior Secondary School with the help of a devoted band of teachers and a dedicated Principal.

Saint Soldier International School was instituted in January 1974 as a nursery school, with the primary aim of imparting education on a secular basis. No distinction of caste, colour and creed is allowed to stand in the way of education. The school is committed to providing high level academics along with value-based education in the background of Indian culture and heritage. The spiritual and universal teachings of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji are enshrined in the curriculum of the school in letter and spirit. All endeavour is made to make the children imbibe the qualities of leadership, scientific temper and nationalism.

This is the time of challenges as well as opportunities. Organized planned education prepares the youth in every walk of life and also develops amongst the new generation, qualities of leadership to face the challenges of the future.

We aim at creating an institution of excellence that integrates knowledge and learning in a continuous process and in providing rich experiences for the children to construct their own meaning. Our objective is to nurture students competent in contemporary technologies. The school aims to educate pupils of all abilities, each to the maximum of his/ her potential, so that every boy and girl can enjoy quality of life and contribute responsibly and fully to the community.

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