Class Presentation – The Rich Heritage of India

World Heritage Day was celebrated at Saint Soldier International School Chandigarh with a special presentation by Class VII A. Harsh, Yuvraj, Kartik and Sumit provided a profound insight on prominent monuments and historical buildings. They used beautiful models and dramatic speeches to spread awareness on preserving ancient buildings. Everyone was enthralled with hidden facts about the grand past of India. The students gave vibrant dance performances of Dandiya, Kathakali, Bihu and Haryanavi dance. Harshit put a great impact on the audience with his emphatic speech in which he emphasised on the great bounties India has given to the world. Simran highlighted the importance of the valuable gift of our heritage. Through their presentation, under the guidance of the Class Teacher Ms. Ojasvin, the students gave a message to respect, preserve and safeguard the great treasures bestowed upon us by our ancestors.

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