Curriculum Details


The school curriculum promotes a multi disciplinary approach to meet the needs of 21st century learners. It aims to foster values, acquire life skills and to gain knowledge to use technology well. It also promotes art, culture, physical fitness, moral well being as well as critical and collaborative thinking.

The school is divided into Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary wings and the curriculum is designed to promote experiential learning. Pedagogical practices are learner centric. The Pre-primary and Primary curriculum develop multiple skills through writing, art, music, dance, public speaking etc. Peer learning is promoted. Art integrated learning is an essential part of curriculum implementation. The Secondary and Senior Secondary curriculum are implemented as per CBSE norms. The streams offered at the Senior Secondary level are Humanities, Commerce and Science.

School Curriculum Committee

Heads of Department are members of the School Curriculum Committee. They ensure the content of the books is suited to the age level of the learners and is also socially appropriate. Feedback on teaching the content is also provided. The prescribed list of books for all classes is displayed on the school website.

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