Enhancing Leadership Skills

A Workshop to instill leadership qualities among the students was conducted in Saint Soldier International School, Sec 28 B, Chandigarh by Ms. Anamika Sharma. The Student Council members attended the workshop. Various activities were held to inculcate the values of leadership qualities among the students. They were taught about inter and intra-personal skills. The importance of team work was also explained to them with the help of fun filled activities which enhanced the importance of togetherness through which one can accomplish any given task effortlessly. The students were also given an activity where they had to exhibit their speaking and listening skills. The motive of the workshop was to teach the importance of honesty and integrity in leadership by practising the principle of accountability and by developing decision making capabilities. It was a knowledgeable and informative session wherein the students gained an understanding of the meaning, qualities and importance of being a good leader.

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