Girls Self Defence Programme

A 10 day Self Defence Programme was organised by the Women and Child Support Unit, Sector 17 Chandigarh Police for the girls of Classes VIII and IX at Saint Soldier International School, Sec 28 B, Chandigarh. The workshop was conducted to encourage and empower the girl child towards her safety and security.

The programme commenced by giving an introduction and having a general discussion about the importance of knowing self defence techniques. To further enhance capacity building of all the trainers, everyday warm up exercises followed with different strategies to protect oneself in case of emergency were practiced by the students. They were taught hand and leg attacks, punches, defending the opponent by showing aggression and how to handle the situation with intelligence and patience. Girls were also instructed to take balanced diet daily and a thorough explanation of diet chart was discussed.

Girl students were encouraged to add physical activities like yoga, meditation, etc. in their daily routine. Different situations were presented to them and how to defend themselves by using varied handy weapons and strategies were showcased.

On the closing day a demo was given and all the activities were practiced. The girl students were glad to be part of this 10 days workshop. Their eagerness and enthusiasm was palpable.

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