Green Corner by Eco Club

To highlight the importance of plants as herbs, the Eco Club ‘Parag’ of Saint Soldier International School, Sec 28 B, Chandigarh created a green corner in the school premises. The students displayed a variety of Indian herbs, spices and condiments and listed their medicinal value. They showed that Indian cuisine enjoys the enviable reputation of being very healthy and unique in taste with the use of Indian spices. The students exhibited charts of spices showing their health importance, such as ginger, used as the universal healer, turmeric as anti – inflammatory or anti-cancer agent, cinnamon for lowering high cholesterol etc. They creatively showcased plant parts like buds, bulbs, dried bark, flowers, leaves, fruit, rhizomes, roots and seeds which are used as spices. Condiments like garlic salt, onion salt and mustard were interestingly displayed in saucers. The awareness drive proved beneficial for the students who were able to appreciate nature’s gift in the form of natural herbs.

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