Mrs. Vijaya Sidhu

True learning combines the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of a deep curiosity. SSIS aims to develop students with questioning minds and a thirst for knowledge so that they can become role models in society. We aim to build pillars of the nation by providing the best of opportunities for students to assume responsibility, both at work and play.

Providing equal opportunities to all the students to hone their magical talents is the quintessence of the school. We strive untiringly in our efforts to uphold the lofty vision of our founder father.

As we break away from the shackles of rote learning, we move towards free expression so that young minds are stress-free. There are no escalators in the world of achievement. There are only stairs from one level to another. The quest to be the best shall continue in all that we do.

Tender young minds need to be sensitized towards issues of social and global concern so that positive forces can spread their influence in society. We seek to strike a fine balance between the use of modern technology and integration of traditional values.

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